Hi! I’m Eliza a 22 year old Aussie who loves Blogging, Reading, Cooking, Animals and heaps more! Primarily I am a Book Blogger, Automotive Photographer, Co-Owner of an Online Store, Beauty Therapist & Lifeguard but I also have a tonne of other things up my sleeve. I like to be busy, so I tend to jump head first into a lot of hobbies!

Firstly, I work at a local pool seasonally as a Lifeguard. I am from a small rural town in Queensland Australia, so our pool is only open during the summer months as it’s not heated. So from September to March I Lifeguard at the pool. On the side I also run 2 businesses & an online store. I own an at home Beauty Therapy Salon where I work part time providing services like Massage, Waxing, Facials, Etc. I also own Dusk Angel Photography which is my Automotive Photography Company. I am an avid car lover and I love photography, so it just made sense. You can check out my Photography Blog HERE! Then I also co-own a Bookish Online Store called Dusk Angel Store alongside my Mum. We sell a range of Bookish products including candles, book sleeves, sprayed edged books, bookmarks, mystery boxes and more. We also do local markets with our products as well. You can check out our Website or Etsy.

As for actual Hobbies, my main one is my Book Blog Dusk Angel Reads. I have been blogging on there for over 2 years now. From there I have expanded onto Bookstagram & YouTube as well. My YouTube is a mix of everything, not just bookish content though, so you may see some of that content shared on here. In the bookish realm I also run a Bookish Facebook Group The YA Book Nerds, The Ultimate ReadAThon Guide & host 3 ReadAThons including MateAThon, TBR Jar ReadAThon & Fantasy JourneyAThon.
I also run Instagram accounts for my 4 animals. I have one account for my 3 cats (Possum, Hoppy & Mmiee), EamesFurFam & my dog (Roxy), RoxyTheHeelerX

So after all that, welcome to my Lifestyle blog where I will share basically anything I feel like (except bookish content which can be found at Dusk Angel Reads!)

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